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  • For the first time, the Mobile Gaming Awards invites the mobile gaming community to nominate finalists, amplifying the voice of passionate gamers and recognising their impact on the industry.
  • The Mobies unveils its categories for the 2024 awards, with new additions reflecting the industry’s growth and wide spectrum of talent.
  • Taking place on July 16th at the striking HERE at Outernet, the Mobies ceremony has sailed across the Atlantic to the world’s cultural capital, London, United Kingdom


LONDON, UK (March 20th, 2024)—The Mobile Gaming Awards, the world’s premiere mobile industry awards organisation founded by the team behind the prestigious Esports Awards and mobile esports veteran Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, is delighted to announce that the Mobies is opening its nominations to the public for the very first time. Set to take place on July 16th, the Mobies will take place at the incredible HERE at Outernet, nestled four storeys beneath the bustling heart of central London as part of the brand new Outernet district.

In a move that bridges the gap between industry insiders and passionate gamers, the Mobies invites fans to actively participate in shaping the landscape of recognition. This year, enthusiasts are empowered to nominate their favourite players, games, and institutions across a spectrum of categories. While the number of nominations won’t directly influence the chances of winning an award, it will elevate the visibility of the nominees within the esteemed Mobies panel. This initiative signals a shift in the awards nomination process, recognising the weight of the mobile gaming communities’ opinions and their impact on the industry.

Building on the success of last year’s ceremony, the Mobies has unveiled an electrifying lineup for this year’s event. Set to take place in the gaming capital of the UK, London, the awards celebrate both familiar categories making a return and fresh additions, highlighting the rich diversity of talent within the mobile gaming industry. This underscores the Mobies’ ongoing dedication to documenting, recognising, and rewarding excellence within the sector.

The full list of categories are:

  • Breakthrough Game of the Year
  • Mobile Content Creator of the Year
  • Mobile Game of the Year
  • Global Impact in Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile Streamer of the Year
  • Mobile Single-Player Game of the Year
  • Mobile RPG/Action Game of the Year
  • Mobile Strategy Game of the Year
  • Best Adapted Mobile Game of the Year
  • Best Franchise Title/Sports Title
  • Mobile App of the Year
  • Coverage Platform of the Year
  • Developer of the Year
  • Device of the Year
  • The Mobies Good in Mobile Gaming Award
  • Live Event of the Year
  • Campaign of the Year
  • Commercial Partner of the Year
  • Competitive Game of the Year
  • Mobile Player of the Year
  • Mobile Team of the Year
  • Mobile Organisation of the Year

As anticipation mounts for the upcoming event, which recently announced its move to London,  Co-founder of the Mobies, Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, invites the global mobile gaming community to join in celebrating the remarkable achievements and advancements made in the industry this past year.

We’re thrilled to open up the nomination process to the public for the first time this year. It’s an honour to empower the mobile gaming community to shape the awards directly, and the addition of fresh categories promises to highlight the incredible diversity and innovation within the mobile gaming industry. We’re eager to witness the outstanding talent and creativity that emerges from this collaborative process, and I look forward to welcoming the industry’s finest talent to London this summer for a night of recognition and celebration.” said Matt Rutledge, Co-founder of the Mobies.

The Mobies 2024 campaign key dates:

  • March 20th: Public nominations open
  • April 10th: Public nominations close
  • April 24th: Mobies finalists unveiled
  • April 24th – June 30th: Public voting period for Mobies finalists
  • July 16th: Mobies ceremony 2024

Stay tuned for updates on the Mobies, including the unveiling of finalists.

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Esports Awards

Founded in 2015, the Esports Awards is the most prestigious night in the esports calendar and the only global award show that aims to recognise esports excellence.

The Esports Awards is dedicated to showcasing world-class performance and innovation from every corner of the industry throughout the year and reaches its pinnacle at its end-of-year ceremony considered the Oscars of esports. The ceremony celebrates everyone from the players, teams, media, hardware providers, games, events, and personalities that shape the esports industry.

2023 was a record-breaking year for the Esports Awards with 22 million viewers across the campaign and 12 million votes counted. Minutes after the last winner was announced on stage at Resorts World Las Vegas, the Esports Awards and Xfinity also broke the Guinness World Record title for largest digital videogame display, with WWE superstars Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair, pro Fortnite player Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, and esports personality Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez.

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The Mobile Gaming Awards

Co-founded by the team behind the Esports Awards, the industry-acclaimed award ceremony watched by 20 million people every year, and Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, a mobile esports veteran, the Mobile Gaming Awards is a new initiative to document, recognise, and reward excellence in the mobile industry.

Held in July 2023 in Los Angeles, the first Mobies saw a star-studded lineup of stars and influencers from the mobile gaming industry gather for a spectacular ceremony, closing the curtain on a campaign that saw +1.5M votes recorded.


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