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CTRL®, short for (Catered To Real Life™), is a creator-owned and operated innovator in the meal replacement and functional food industry. CTRL combines an unmatched flavor and nutrition profile with an elite talent roster that consists of esports champions, content legends, and anyone in between. Starting off as a meal replacement shake and expanding into other ready-to-eat functional foods, CTRL has surpassed numerous expectations within the first three years of business and has grown community acceptance at alarming rates. CTRL is continuing the mission to raise awareness to the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle while staying true to the authentic core of its existence while you are at your busiest. Achievement Unlocked: Providing healthier and tastier alternatives to a market that is underserved and overrun by quick unhealthy options or overpriced food apps that don’t help your body perform at its best. With a current line of products that offer Meal-On-The-Go Bars with 15g of protein as well as 280 to 400 Calories shakes which are loaded with 20+ vitamins and minerals, healthy carbs, 23g of protein, 5g of fiber and many other nutrients, CTRL is a perfect product for the on-the-go busy lifestyle that many live today. No matter what industry you are in, everyone needs to eat, and CTRL® is the perfect solution.


Mobile Global Esports Inc. (MOGO) (NASDAQ Ticker: MGAM) is a publicly-traded mobile esports and social platform company driving collegiate esports tournaments, team development and data services in India. MOGO holds trademark, IP relationships with the top universities in India for the commercialization of collegiate esports tournaments, teams, and players. MOGO was formed in March of 2021 and is now building out and expanding its esports  including business, including a new social media platform with a revolutionary challenge engine now in beta. The Company has a focus on expanding upon the growth of esports in India and other markets, while bringing value and benefits to esports enthusiasts and athletes in these regions. For more information about the Company, please visit MOGO’s website and Instagram, Facebook & Twitter social media accounts. Investors can sign up for updates at MOGO Investor Relations Site:

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